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At Brooks & Radchenko, we are dedicated to demanding fair compensation for victims of personal injury in the DFW area of Texas. Our track record speaks for itself. Ms. Radchenko served as the President of the New York State Trial Lawyer Association. She has also been named a Super Lawyer for the NY Metro area on five separate occasions. If you need a personal injury lawyer in Dallas, TX, we are at your service.

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We Are Trusted Dallas Injury Lawyers in Dallas, Texas

Our attorneys have earned their reputation as some of the best personal injury law firms in Dallas. Insurance companies rarely take us to court because our outstanding trial record convinces them that settlement is a better option than losing to us at trial. If you need a personal injury lawyer in DFW, contact us today to learn more about our legal services.


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Experienced Dallas Personal Injury Law Firm Ready to Fight for Your Compensation

The top-rated trial partners at Brooks and Radchenko are Halina Radchenko and Britton Brooks. Ms. Radchenko has won many large personal injury awards for her clients and Mr. Brooks is a former prosecutor with rich experience handling complex litigation and winning in court.

Both of us now serve as personal injury lawyers in the DFW area. Making a difference in the lives of our clients is something we are extremely passionate about. We pride ourselves on representing our clients in court. We are not afraid to take your matter all the way to trial and obtain a verdict because we thrive in the courtroom.

As a personal injury attorney in Dallas, TX, we are so confident in our ability to successfully resolve your claim that we offer a no-fee guarantee. Either we win your case, in court, or at the settlement table, or you owe us nothing. We feel confident offering this guarantee because our Texas board certified lawyer for injury victims has won almost all of our personal injury cases.

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Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

There are many different ways to injure the human body, and we represent victims who have experienced any and all injuries. These claims can get complex, and you are going to need a lawyer specializing in Dallas, TX personal injury law to maximize your chance of victory.

insurance assessor inspecting damaged vehicle

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents come in different varieties, including:
Each of these types of auto accidents presents its own unique challenges.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can be catastrophic, especially for an older adult. They are more common than many people realize. The owners of premises, including business premises, have a duty to keep their property safe for visitors.

Wrongful Death

Any type of personal injury can lead to a wrongful death claim if the victim dies from their injuries. The victim’s surviving spouse, children, or parents receive the compensation generated by a successful wrongful death claim.

Dog Bites

A dog attack can scar you for life, both physically and psychologically. Dog attacks disproportionately harm small children. A Texas court can hold a dog owner liable if they had prior reason to know of the dog’s aggressive tendencies.

Work Injuries

Work injury claims tend to be unique because they typically involve workers’ compensation claims. Workers’ compensation limits damages but relieves you of the necessity of proving that your employer was at fault.

Product Liability

A product liability claim arises when a defective product injures you. You can often win a claim against the manufacturer without even proving fault.
Military Burn Pit

Military Burn Pit

Military burn pits can cause a multitude of problems, from headaches to eye irritation, rashes, and even more seriously, asthma, COPD, various types of cancers, and more. If you have experienced any of these types of illnesses as a result of your time in the military, a burn pit lawyer can help.
Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain injuries are one of the most devastating injuries a person can experience. Brain injury compensation can be available when an injury is the result of another person or company’s negligence or recklessness.
Traumatic Brain Injury

Oil Rig Injury

Oil production and refinery can be incredibly dangerous, with drilling sites full of potential hazards like equipment failure, platform collapse, vehicular accidents, falls, and underground blowouts. Potential injuries include anything from burns and broken bones to amputations, paralysis, and much more.

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Most Common Types of Personal Injuries We Handle

Over the years, our trial lawyers have worked with a wide variety of injuries, including the following:

  • Amputation
  • Back injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Burn injuries
  • Crush injuries
  • Facial disfigurement
  • Foot and ankle injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • “Road rash”
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Soft-tissue injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Whiplash
  • Wrist and hand injuries

Each of these injuries involves its own special legal considerations.

What You Can Recover in a DFW Personal Injury Claim

When you suffer an injury caused by someone else's misconduct, you are entitled to full compensation for all of your losses, both tangible and intangible. Texas personal injury law divides personal injury compensation into three categories: special damages, general damages, and punitive damages.

Special damages are for specific economic losses like medical bills and lost wages, general damages are for intangible emotional and psychological damages like pain and suffering, and punitive damages are designed to punish the defendant for outrageous behavior. Following are some examples of the various components of a personal injury damages claim.

  • Past, present, and estimated future medical expenses;
  • Lost earnings (while you were in the hospital, for example);
  • Future lost earning capacity if your injuries left you occupationally disabled;
  • Out-of-pocket expenses such as child care while you recover from your injuries;
  • Pain and suffering, for the suffering you endure on account of your physical injuries;
  • Mental anguish, for psychological suffering;
  • Other intangible damages such as compensation for loss of enjoyment of life.

Courts only occasionally award punitive damages. A good example of a case where a court may award punitive damages is a drunk driving accident. Our attorneys will do their best to recover compensation in full for your case, so you can focus on healing instead of medical expenses and your insurance company.

physiotherapist exercising with disabled seniorLawyers Galina and Britton joint photo at a park.

How Our Dallas Fort Worth Attorneys Can Resolve Your Personal Injury Case

As a high-rated personal injury law firm in Dallas, our job is to recover fair compensation from someone who has injured our client through negligence, or from their insurance company. This isn’t always easy because defendants tend to be evasive, while insurance companies tend to undervalue your claims. We offer skillled representation for Texas injury victims, and we are ready to handle cases of all kinds. Following is a general overview of the claim resolution process.

01 step

We File Your Claim

The first step in obtaining compensation for you is to file a formal written claim with the opposing party, typically an insurance company with whom the defendant holds a policy. We will gather information from you concerning your claim, and we will issue a demand letter to the opposing party as a starting point for negotiations.

02 step

We Investigate Your Case

We will investigate the facts of your case to obtain as much evidence as possible supporting your claim. This includes evidence of the defendant’s liability as well as evidence of the magnitude of your losses. We usually file a lawsuit to take advantage of the court-supervised discovery process, to aggressively push your matter forward, and to show the insurance carrier that we mean business.

03 step

We Negotiate Your Settlement

Insurance adjusters have a thousand negotiating tricks up their sleeves. We have seen them all before, and we’re not going to fall for any of them. Let us handle the negotiations while you focus on recovering your health. Remember, though, that only you can approve a settlement offer.

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We Litigate Your Case

We settle the vast majority of our client’s personal injury claims outside of court. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances, the defendant may refuse to offer just compensation for your pain and suffering. In that case, we may have no choice but to take your claim all the way to trial. Our attorneys enjoy extensive successful litigation experience– which is exactly why so few opposing parties dare to meet us in court.

Let Our Trusted Personal Injury Lawyer in Dallas, TX Fight For You

Our trial attorneys are ready to fight for our injured clients, bringing them the justice they deserve. Contact us today for an online consult!

Why Hire Brooks & Radchenko Personal Injury Attorneys in Texas?

There are many reasons why the top Dallas personal injury attorneys at Brooks & Radchenko are the best choice to bring you maximum compensation. The following are only a few:

We have extensive and successful courtroom experience
Ms. Radchenko has won several large compensation awards
We are a small firm (two attorneys) with a personal touch
We won’t let anybody take advantage of one of our clients. Ever.
Our former clients are our best references

Case Results

Following are examples of some of our recent results:

in a pedestrian auto accident
in a slip, trip, and fall accident
in a car accident case
in a slip and fall accident
in a slip and fall accident
in a slip and fall accident


Jack M.


Truck Accident

I suffered a catastrophic personal injury in a Dallas truck accident. My previous lawyer pressured me to accept a quick, inadequate settlement so he could earn a quick commission. Brooks & Radchenko, by contrast, filed a lawsuit, settled right before trial, and got me three times as much as my previous lawyer had been offering.

Britney F.


Car Accident

I suffered a serious injury in a car accident caused by a motorist with an inadequate insurance policy. Brooks & Radchenko discovered that the motorist had been on duty at the time of the accident. They got me a generous settlement from the defendant’s employer.

Rhonda L.


Dog Bites

My child was badly mauled by my neighbor’s dog. I didn’t want to sue because my neighbor is a good friend of mine. Mr. Brooks was able to negotiate a high-value settlement with my neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance company.

Areas We Serve

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do I have to file a personal injury claim in Dallas, TX?


    Generally, you have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. In a wrongful death claim, you have two years from the victim’s date of death. Some narrow exceptions apply. If you miss the deadline, however, your claim’s value will drop to zero.

  • How do I get the most money for my personal injury case in Dallas?


    The best way to maximize your compensation for personal injury is to:

    • Hire the right Dallas personal injury lawyer;
    • Thoroughly investigate your claim so that you will know its true value;
    • Take a strong stand in negotiations; and
    • Be willing to file a lawsuit if necessary.

    We can help you with all of these matters.

  • What is a typical personal injury settlement in Dallas/Fort Worth?


    It is virtually impossible to calculate an average personal injury settlement in Dallas/Fort Worth because settlement amounts are typically kept secret. Even if such a figure was available, it would be misleading since personal injury settlement amounts vary drastically from case to case.

  • Should I talk to an insurance company about my injury?


    Not without consulting with your lawyer first. In fact, it would be best for you to hire a lawyer immediately and then tell the insurance company to direct any further inquiries to your lawyer. Insurance companies are very good at prompting you to make statements that they can use against you.


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