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If you need a child support attorney in Dallas, act quickly, but don’t cut any corners when it comes to choosing the best lawyer. Our top-rated firm offers a free initial consultation where we can listen to your story and answer your questions. Contact us today!

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We are not the new kids on the block. Ms. Radchenko, for example, is the President of the New York State Trial Lawyer Association, although she practices in Texas. She has been named a Super Lawyer for the NY metro area on five occasions.

Mr. Brooks, a stellar Dallas child support attorney, has handled over 700 family law cases. In 2019, the Herald Democrat named him the Best Family Lawyer in Texoma (Texas and Oklahoma). He has been particularly successful in representing fathers with child support modification. Among Texas child support lawyers, he is considered a top child support attorney in DFW.

We serve clients across the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

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How Does Child Support Work in Dallas, Texas?

If a child’s parents do not live together, regardless of their marital status, the custodial parent (the parent the child usually lives with) can ask a court to order the non-custodial parent to pay child support. The amount of child support is based on the number of children and the non-custodial parent’s net income after deductions for:

  • Federal income tax;
  • State income tax;
  • Social Security tax; 
  • Union dues; 
  • Health insurance for the child;

The guidelines stated below apply to your net income after deducting the foregoing expenses.

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You may be thinking, “I need a child support lawyer.” Before you rush into the nearest law office, however, remember that some child support lawyers in Texas are excellent, while others are barely competent. We are confident that we fall into the latter category. Call Brooks & Radchenko at 903-818-8681 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.

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How Is Child Support Calculated?

The general benchmark for child support payments is:

  • 20% of your net income (as defined above) for one child;
  • 25% for two children;
  • 30% for three children;
  • 35% for four children;
  • 40% for five children;

Keep in mind, however, that Texas imposes a maximum income that it adjusts upward periodically (currently it is about $9,200 per month). Anything you make above this maximum is not usually counted for child support purposes. 

Remember, too, that these are just guidelines, however. A family court judge can adjust your child support burden up or down based on individual circumstances, such as your child’s physical or mental disability, or your child support burden from another relationship. The actual process for determining the exact amount of child support is complex and confusing, which is why you need a family lawyer.

Enforcing Child Support in DFW

Child support laws are meaningless without effective enforcement. Dallas child support enforcement is usually quite strict. If the non-custodial parent refuses to pay their fair share of child support, the custodial parent can seek a court order compelling them to do so. If they violate the court order, the court may charge them with contempt of court. The court can:

  • Garnish wages and tax returns;
  • Jail the non-custodial parent for non-payment of child support;

A Dallas child support lawyer can advise you on the best course of action. Seeking jail time for the non-custodial percent, for example, might not be the best course of action if it deprives that parent of the means of earning the money to pay child support.

Our Best Texas Lawyer for Child Support

Britton Brooks

Britton Brooks

For 14 years, award-winning prosecutor Britton Brooks served as the Grayson County Assistant District Attorney (ADA), prosecuting over 150 jury trials and supervising the highest felony jury trials from intake to completion. In 2017, he was named “Best Criminal Lawyer in Texoma” by the Herald Democrat, which was the first time the award has been bestowed upon a prosecuting attorney. Currently, Britton serves as a Texas Municipal Court City Prosecutor prosecuting municipal criminal, city ordinance violations, dockets, and jury trials.

Why Choose Our Experienced Attorneys for Child Support Modification in TX?

If you’re seeking a lawyer for child support cases, the divorce and child support attorneys at Brooks & Radchenko offer you expert legal representation and much more:

Stress-free representation
We will do everything we can not to add to your stress, and to minimize the inevitable stress of seeking child support.
Open communication
We promise to “tell it like it is” and to speak to you in plain English, not obscure legal jargon.
We strive to be available to you, to return your phone calls promptly, and to answer any questions you may have.

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Halina Radchenko was so hardworking when she was handling my car accident. Unlike with other attorneys, I always felt supported and confident with her help, and I could not be more pleased with the results!



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I really needed a lawyer and a law firm that would go above and beyond for me, and not make me feel like another name on the roster. Britton Brooks was that attorney! My trial went smoothly, and I couldn’t be more grateful!



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If you live in Dallas and need a personal injury lawyer, I could not recommend Brooks & Radchenko more! Professional, communicative, and hardworking, I never anticipated feeling so cared for and heard by a lawyer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is child support paid in TX?


    Typically, Texas requires you to pay child support until your child turns 18 or graduates high school, whichever happens later. If your child suffers from certain physical or mental disabilities, Texas might extend your child support obligation indefinitely. Your child support obligation may end early if your child achieves legal emancipation (as young as 16) by getting married, joining the armed services, or successfully petitioning a court for emancipation.

  • How can I make my child’s father pay child support?


    The first step is to petition the court for a child support order. The court will hold a hearing where the child’s father can oppose your petition. If the child’s father refuses to pay the full amount, contact the Child Support Division of the Office of the Attorney General of Texas. This division can choose from among several coercive measures including garnishing the father’s paycheck.

  • How much is a child support attorney?


    Child support attorney fees are typically charged by the hour and range from $100 to $500. If the proceeding is uncontested, expect the total cost to amount to between $2,500 and $5,000. If the other parent contests the order, expect legal fees to total between $5,000 and $25,000.


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