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At Brooks & Radchenko, our Dallas move-away attorneys fight for our clients because we really care. When it comes to child custody and relocation in Texas, you can expect vigorous representation from our Texas child relocation lawyers. Call (903) 945-4272 to set up a consultation for your move away custody case.

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Parent Relocation Lawyers for Child Custody Moveaway Cases in Dallas, TX

Texas child custody relocation law clarifies that all decisions affecting a child must be made in the best interests of that child. If you are dealing with Texas child relocation issues, a judge will ultimately decide whether the proposed relocation should be approved or not.

If both parents agree on the terms, a judge will still review the agreement during a relocation hearing with Dallas relocation lawyers.

As is frequently the case, move away cases often get contentious. Our Texas child relocation attorney fights hard to make sure the parental rights of our clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area are preserved. We have extensive experience handling move-away cases in Dallas.

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Parental & Child Custody Relocation Law in Texas

The best interests of the child underlie child relocation laws in Texas as well as every other jurisdiction in the U.S. In your initial child custody agreement, the terms were made with the child's interests in mind. Therefore, any modification to this agreement must consider the child’s interests as being of utmost importance.

A child relocation lawyer is your advocate through this process, which usually starts with a custodial parent relocation letter. It must contain specific information and comply with certain conditions to be valid, including:

  • The date and time of the move;
  • The new address;
  • The reasons for the move;
  • Give the letter to the other parent within 60 days of the move;

After this, a judge will review the order and decide according to Texas child custody relocation law.

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Contact Us Regarding Parent and Child Moveaway Custody

If you have questions regarding parent and child move-away, contact the child relocation lawyers at Brooks and Radchenko at (903) 818-8681.

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How Do Texas Courts Review Petitioning for Parental Relocation?

In the case of a dispute, the custodial parent can file a move-away case, during which both parties will have the opportunity to present their arguments for or against the proposed relocation.

At this stage, a parental relocation attorney with experience representing clients in child custody and relocation hearings in Texas will be of great benefit to both parents. When deciding the merits of relocation requests, judges will consider whether:

  • The move will provide better financial opportunities for the child;
  • The move will provide a better opportunity for the child todevelop a certain skill;
  • The move will provide better educational opportunities for the child;
  • The non-custodial parent has failed in their child-rearing duties;

Before the hearing, your law firm will prepare to present the strongest case possible.

Our Dallas Fort Worth Parental Relocation Attorney

Britton Brooks

Britton Brooks

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Why Choose Our Child Move-Away Lawyers in The DFW Area?

Our Dallas parent relocation attorney team has an extensive history of safeguarding parental rights for clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and helping children relocate in TX.

Personalized Care
Personalized Care
One of our goals is to make every client feel as though their case is our top priority, which it is. We achieve this by providing personalized care that addresses your specific needs.
After years of diligently representing clients in child custody move-away cases and other matters, we have developed a reputation for putting up a strong fight for our parental clients.
Our child relocation attorney has spent countless hours helping clients make sure that their parental rights are respected and preserved in child custody move-away issues.

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I can’t speak highly enough of Brooks & Radchenko. They explained everything to me with utmost clarity and simplicity, and they were available whenever I needed them. Ultimately, I got the result I had been hoping for. If you need a car accident lawyer in Dallas, TX, I can’t think of a better choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a mother move a child away from the father?


    A mother may move her child away from the father under specific circumstances. If the mother does not have sole custody and there are geographic restrictions in the custody order, the move will have to be approved by a judge.

  • How far away can a custodial parent move?


    With a court order, a custodial parent can move out of the country. However, moving without order is also possible. Generally speaking, a custodial parent can move within the geographical range specified in the custody agreement, which is typically 100 miles.

  • What is a child relocation attorney fee?


    The fee depends on the case, as a more complex case will require more time to work on.


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