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Brooks & Radchenko is a law firm in Frisco, TX, that assists clients with personal injury and family law legal matters. Our lawyers in Frisco, Texas, are available to help you pursue compensation after an injury and offer support in family law affairs like divorce and child custody.

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Our Frisco Lawyers Are Ready to Provide You with Professional and Affordable Legal Advocacy

Brooks & Radchenko serves clients as a leading personal injury and family law firm in Frisco, TX. Our award-winning Frisco attorneys offer each client a personalized approach. We get to know your case specifics and devise a strategy designed to maximize your chances of a successful legal outcome.
If you’ve been injured through the fault of another, our personal injury lawyers can assist you in building a liability case, identifying a fair compensation value, and negotiating or litigating on your behalf.
Our family law attorneys are here to offer compassionate, experienced representation in domestic matters like child support, custody, and divorce.

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Personal injury lawyer Halina.

Personal Injury

If another’s carelessness has left you dealing with a physical or psychological injury or has negatively impacted your finances, Texas law allows you to file a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for the damage.

The Frisco lawyers at Brooks & Radchenko can help maximize your claim and increase the compensation value owed to you. Personal injury cases accepted at our Frisco law firm include:

Each type of personal injury case requires the representation of a Frisco attorney experienced in dealing with the specific laws and circumstances surrounding an injury.

Personal Injury
Family LawFamily Law

Family Law

Family law firms in Frisco, TX, help individuals handle all matters of domestic concern, from prenuptial agreements to child custody arrangements. The Frisco attorneys at Brooks & Radchenko understand that family law cases can be emotionally challenging, and we offer dedicated support as we fight for your best interests.

Our family law attorneys in Frisco, TX, handle a variety of family law cases, including:

The outcomes of family law cases have far-reaching implications for the finances and family structure of the individuals involved. Working with a family law lawyer in Frisco, TX, ensures you receive legal guidance on these life-changing issues.

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Our Frisco Experienced Attorney

Brooks & Radchenko is an amply experienced team of lawyers in Frisco that fight to gain clients the legal outcomes they deserve.

Personal injury lawyer Halina.

Halina Radchenko

is a personal injury attorney with an extensive history of trial experience. In addition to serving as the founding attorney of Brooks & Radchenko, she also serves as counsel to the president of the New York State Trial Association.

Why Choose Brooks & Radchenko Law Firm?

Brooks & Radchenko are leaders in Frisco personal injury and family law matters. Clients choose Brooks & Radchenko as their Frisco law firm for many reasons:

We get results

We have nearly 30 years of combined experience

We’re honest

We never make false promises to our clients. We explain the options and possible outcomes and keep clients informed.

We’re ready for trial

Our Frisco lawyers have extensive trial experience and are prepared to take your case to trial.

Our 28 years of legal experience and the awards and positions held by our Frisco attorneys testify to their standing in the eyes of both colleagues and clients.

Our Case Results

Years of experience, awards, and distinguished positions attest to the ability of a Frisco lawyer, but clients want to see proven results more than anything. Featured are some of the outcomes Brooks & Radchenko have achieved for their former clients in personal injury and family law cases in Texas. In one such case, a client tripped and fell into a building, leading to a fracture and dystrophy. We were able to recover $2.25 million for her.

Male client involved in a car accident as a pedestrian at a worksite. The motor vehicle rolled over his foot causing a crushed foot injury. As a result, client had to undergo a surgical procedure wherein they placed hardware into his foot. He had two surgeries to his knee and removal of the hardware from his foot. We were able to obtain a settlement in the amount of $925,000.00
Client was injured as a result of a car accident. Liability was difficult on the case as both our client and the defendant stated that they had a green light at the intersection. There were no witnesses and no camera footage to prove who really had the green light. She sustained back injuries requiring her to undergo two surgeries to her back. We were able to obtain a settlement in the amount of $835,000.00
Plaintiff was involved in a car accident and had disc bulges and herniations. He ended up having over 1 year of physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. This is a very difficult case in the state of New York because you have to prove that the injured party sustained a “serious injury” under the New York City threshold law. We were able to obtain a $300,000.00 verdict on this case.


Walter R.


Car Accident

I can’t speak highly enough of Brooks & Radchenko. They explained everything to me with utmost clarity and simplicity, and they were available whenever I needed them. Ultimately, I got the result I had been hoping for. If you need a car accident lawyer in Dallas, TX, I can’t think of a better choice.

Wanda G.


Car Accident

My brother was injured in a car accident caused by an uninsured drunk driver with no financial resources. Brooks & Radchenko filed a claim against the nightclub that sold the driver alcohol, and we ended up with a generous settlement. If you’re looking for a Dallas, Texas car accident attorney, Brooks & Radchenko is the way to go.

Sally R.


Car Accident

The lawyers at Brooks & Radchenko were always available to answer my questions and address my concerns. I was laid up in the hospital most of the time, and they took care of everything for me. I can’t say enough for them.My husband was killed in a car accident caused by an on-duty delivery driver. They sued the driver’s employer and I ended up walking aways with a generous settlement. All of this took place in just a few weeks. Their compassion and professionalism made me feel like a part of their family during a very difficult time.

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Any number of situations can lead to the need for a personal injury or family law firm. The attorneys at Brooks & Radchenko are here to help when you’re ready for a consultation. But clients often find that before they’re ready to schedule a consultation, they need to acquire paperwork or have questions answered by other local professionals. As such, the links below can serve as a helpful guide for connecting you to professionals in the Frisco area who can answer basic questions and provide more information when preparing for a legal consultation with our firm.

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